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Maize growing in the cerrado region

Board of Directors

The board of Agrifirma Brasil brings together a range of relevant expertise for a farmland operating and development company.

Ian Watson
Co-Founder and Chairman
Member of the Executive Committee and responsible for European business of Burns Fry (now BMO Nesbitt), an investment banking and brokerage firm in Canada 1974-1980. Chairman of Galahad Gold 2003-2008. Responsible for seeding and establishing the Agrifirma business with co-founders Jim Slater and Julio Bestani.

Jaime Rangel
Non-Executive Director
Rangel joined BRZ Investimentos in July 2008 and has 14 years experience in capital markets operations, including analysis of investments for acquisition of small companies, secondary market offering, debentures, FIDC – Credit Rights Investment Funds and management of variable income liquid assets. Manager of Previ’s Capital Markets division, responsible for management of variable income. He also served as a member of the Board of Directors and Audit Committee of Brazilian companies. Jaime holds a degree in Accounting from University Cândido Mendes with Masters in Business Administration from IBMEC-RJ.

André Pessoa
Non-Executive Director
Partner and Officer of Agroconsult Consultoria e Projetos. Director of CIB (Conselho de Informações sobre Biotecnologia) and of COSAG/FIESP (Conselho Superior do Agronegócio). He is a member of the Board of Directors of BBM (Brazilian Commodities Exchange) and of AMATA S.A. Consultant of several agribusiness companies. In the last 20 years he had assisted more than 120 companies and made more than 900 presentations in Brazil and other countries. Holds a degree in Agronomy from the Federal University of Viçoca, Minas Gerais, and holds a master degree in Economics from São Paulo University.

Julio Bestani
Co-Founder and Non-Executive Director
Former CFO of Adecoagro, a South American agro-industrial company founded in 2002 with backing from George Soros. During his five years as CFO the company grew to become one of the largest food and renewable energy companies in the region. As CFO, Julio was responsible for managing finance, M&A, administration, legal and planning in Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay. Julio previously worked for Citibank in Buenos Aires and Salomon Brothers in New York and is also co founder of Genagro. He holds an MBA from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a BSc in Economics, Universidad de San Andres, Buenos Aires, and sits on the International Board of Advisors of Kennan-Flagler Business School.

Ricardo Propheta
Non-Executive Director
Ricardo joined GP Investimentos in 2002 as an analyst and associate in private equity funds. Since June 2006,  Propheta works exclusively for BRZ Investimentos, where he is the managing partner of the Long Term Division, developing, carrying out and monitoring companies and projects. He is also a member of the management board of Poit Energia, Amata, LOGZ Logística Brasil, Magnesita, América Latina Logística and Regina Festas.  Before joining GP Investimentos, Ricardo worked as a consultant at Booz Allen & Hamilton do Brasil at banks CCF Brasil and Brascan and was member of the board in companies as Equatorial Energia, iG, Lupatech, among others. Ricardo holds a degree in Production Engineering from Escola Politécnica of the University of São Paulo.

Roberto Rodrigues
Non-Executive Director
Brazilian Minister of Agriculture in President Lula da Silva’s Government 2003-2006. Professor of Rural Economics at Sao Paulo University. Former President of the Brazilian Agribusiness Association.

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