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Soya beans before flowering

Corporate Responsibility

From its inception Agrifirma has taken responsibility for the impact of its actions on the environment and its suppliers, employees and shareholders. Our philosophy can be summed up as an intensive focus on the three Ps - Planet, People and Productivity.

As owners of the land, we have a long term approach to business. Our belief is that taking care of the environment is the most certain way to obtain the best sustainable results from the land that we own and operate. Our environmentally friendly farming methods make the soil richer and healthier and preserve the land’s potential for future generations. We go beyond minimum legal requirements to preserve the water, fauna and flora on our land.

Agrifirma offers employment in the local community, education and social inclusion to all those who work with or for the company. We have an active support programmme to improve the quality of life for local communities and towns. Our first corporate environment survey, completed recently, showed 75% satisfaction amongst our employees. Our 5S Training Programme seeks to raise awareness and responsibility for safety for all employees.

By applying the best inputs, technology and safety standards, we aim for high levels of quality and productivity in our agricultural operations. Profits over the long term are necessary to invest in the continued development of the land which we own. We regularly measure progress against these objectives on a number of indicators.

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