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Maize growing in the cerrado region

Management of the Company

The board of Agrifirma Brasil brings together a range of relevant expertise for a farmland operating and development company.

Mariana Duarte
Chief Executive Officer
After working for twelve years in law firms, among which two years working at Dewey Ballantine LLP, now named Dewey LeBouef LLP, located in New York, USA, Mariana joined Agrifirma in June 2008. She holds an LL.M from Duke University. Mariana joined Agrifirma in June 2008. Initially responsible for the legal area, she took over the environmental, agrarian and administrative area, and now is the company's chief executive officer.

Vitor Levindo Pedreira
Chief Financial Officer
Graduated in Business Administration from the University of Salvador - UNIFACS and in Accounting Sciences from FABAC, he holds a postgraduate degree in Corporate Finance from UNIFACS - Salvador / BA. Served as External and Internal Auditor with local and multinational clients for more than 15 years. Since 2013, he has served as chief financial officer in real estate incorporation segment and renewable energy companies. He joined Agrifirma in May 2017as Chief Financial Officer

Cristiano Gaffo
Chief Operational Officer
17 years of experience in the production of irrigated coffee, Grains and Irrigated Rice Seeds, Irrigated Hybrid Rice Seeds, Grains and Soybean Seeds, Grains and corn seeds, cotton, sorghum, millet, Training and Rangeland Seed Production, as well sizing, organization and implementation of irrigation projects and conversion of cerrado areas in areas of agricultural production. He graduated in Agronomic Engineering from ESALQ-USP, with specialization in Plant Production. In addition to that, he has several courses and extensive experience in the management of agricultural production processes. He joined Agrifirma in July 2008 as General Operational manager, and today occupies the position of Chief Operational Officer.

São Paulo Office

Mariana Duarte CEO
Maria Gama RH Management
Vitor Pedreira CFO

Bahia Office

Cristiano Gaffo Chief Operational Officer
Joaquim Neto Environmental Manager
Jersoney Lima Farm Manager
Vitor Silva Farm Manager

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