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Through its contractual arrangements with Genagro Services Limited and its Advisory Board, Genagro Limited has access to a wide range of specialist expertise and advice. Genagro Services Limited is based in London and provides advice on corporate finance, treasury management, investor relations, investment appraisal and certain other legal and administrative matters.

Advisory Board Members
Donald Coxe
With 35 years of institutional investing and money management experience in the United States and Canada, Donald Coxe has a unique background in North American and global capital markets. He is Chairman of Coxe Advisors LLC, an investment advisory firm in Chicago which manages the Coxe Commodity Strategy fund. Former Global Portfolio Strategist for BMO Capital Markets and author of its widely followed monthly strategy report Basic Points. Author of The New Reality of Wall Street (2003).

Lord Wolfson of Sunningdale
A past Chairman of Next, Great Universal Stores and Alexon Group, and a former non-executive director of Stewart Wrightson plc. Non-Executive Director, Galahad Gold plc 2003-08.

Peter Stormonth Darling
Former Chairman of Mercury Asset Management Group; current Chairman of Welbeck Land and Director of Soditic, Howard de Walden Estates, Advent Capital (Holdings), and Guardian Capital Group (Canada). Non-Executive Director, Galahad Gold plc 2003–08.

Jim Rogers
Co-founded the Quantum Fund and retired at age 37. Since then Jim Rogers has served as a professor of finance at Columbia University’s business school and written four books on investment, including Hot Commodities, Adventure Capitalist and Investment Biker. Designed the widely followed Rogers Commodity IndicesTM and travels the world highlighting the case for investment in commodities as an asset class.

Charles Brown
Third generation of a Hong Kong family, owns a number of rail and infrastructure companies in Asia. Also manages family property and other interests. Has degrees from Cambridge University, where he studied architecture and law. Chairman of the UN Peace & Development Foundation in China.

Genagro Services Limited: Directors
Ian Watson
Member of the Executive Committee and responsible for European business of Burns Fry (now BMO Nesbitt), an investment banking and brokerage firm in Canada 1974-1980. Chairman of Galahad Gold 2003-2008 and (from September 2011) Chairman of Agrifirma Brasil. Non-Executive Director of Spanish Mountain Gold and Western Copper Corporation.

Jim Slater FCA
Deputy Chairman
Chartered Accountant. A professional investor in both equity markets and property for over 30 years. Chairman of investment banking group Slater Walker 1964-1975. In 1982, co-founder of Centennial Minerals Ltd. Author of several best-selling investment books, including The Zulu Principle, and deviser with publisher Hemmington Scott of the monthly investment statistical guide REFS. Deputy Chairman of Galahad Gold 2003-2008.

Anna Rebollini ACMA
Finance Director
Associate of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants. Anna worked for Coca-Cola and Conde Nast Publications before joining Galahad Gold plc and International Molybdenum plc as financial controller in 2005, becoming Finance Director in 2006.Joined Agrifirma in 2008 from Galahad Gold.

Jonathan Davis
Investment Director
A former senior business journalist on UK national newspapers, including The Times, The Economist and The Independent. Author and/or publisher of six books on investment. Columnist in The Independent 1995-2007; Financial Times 2006-present. Master’s Degrees from MIT (Management) and Cambridge University (History). Chairman of Savile Club Ltd. Founder of Independent Investor LLP. Joined Agrifirma in 2008 from Galahad Gold. He is also a Director of Smith and Williamson Investment Management Jupiter Primadona Growth estment Trust plc.

Anthony Gordon
Legal Director
Partner in London with corporate law firm Hobson Audley, and following a merger, with International law firm Faegre & Benson 1998-2008. Specialist in corporate finance with many years of experience of flotations, M&A and corporate restructurings. Joined Genagro Ltd in September 2008.


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